Thursday, March 16, 2017

The cry heard around the Internet

The cry heard around the Internet, Not today M** F**er!!!

My heroines include my mother, my grandmother, my aunt, Frida Kahlo, and now, a 36-year-old American woman who lives in Seattle.

I’m blessed to come from a long line of “muy chingonas.” You know, the kind that become the first Latina mayor of Cochise county. The kind that moves to a new country and raises five hard working children. The kind that leads the police into the projects to rescue her runaway niece.

Well thanks to Kelly Herron, who recently fought off a male attacker in a public restroom, “muy chingonas” everywhere, have a new motto.
Not today M** F**er!!!!!

So, when the President of the United States wants to grab you by the p**y, remember, not today M** F**er!!

When politicians want to take away your right to demonstrate, remember, not today M** F**er!!

And the next time you go into a public restroom alone, put on your pink pussyhat, blast some Beyonce on your IPhone, get out the pepper spray, and tell that heterosexual man hiding in the stall next to you, not today M** F**er!!


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