Monday, July 30, 2012

Confessions of a Yuppie Chicana

I recently read the hilariously snarky book, "Confessions of a Scary Mommy," by Jill Smokler and it gave me the most wonderful idea. Reading all those confessions from real moms has inspired me to do the same on my own blog but with a Yuppie Chicana twist. So here goes.

I only get "Latina" when I'm drunk or angry and it's not pretty.

My drink of choice is tequila, not the Skinny Girl stuff but real Patron silver.

Sometimes I google anger management groups in my area but then I get so pissed off with our slow Internet connection that I forget all about my anger.

When I catch a cold I literally sweat it out by dancing to Ricky Martin in my living room.

I don't know if I want anymore kids. I can't afford to go up another bra size.

I've been forgetting some of my Spanish so I started watching novelas again.

I can't understand people who don't like flan.

I wish my husband liked Frida Kahlo so I could put her paintings in every room of our house. I'd put the one where she's giving birth to herself over our bed.

Sometimes I talk with my hands so much I think it distracts people.

If I could wear all my jewelry at once I would.

Sometimes I refrain from curling my hair just so I don't make others jealous.

Some days I worry if my daughter will be able to stand up for herself later on in life and then I remember, she's Latina.

I'd love to get a PhD if my thesis could be on the life and career of Shakira.

I don't always make Mexican food but when I do it gives the term Moctezuma's Revenge a whole new meaning.

photo by Cool Chicana Art by Sabrina...
From the textmex obsessed imagination of William A. Nericcio


  1. I LOVE this. I must have some Latina in me because I certainly fit the bill for some of these! Expressly - 5, 9 & 10!

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